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Before buying

  • The 3-Ton jack is recommended for larger 4WD vehicles such as F250s, Land Cruisers, Patrols.

  • The 2-Ton jack is suitable for the lighter 4WD's such as Suzuki Jimny, Jeep Wranglers and most medium sized SUV's

  • Both the 2-Ton & 3-Ton Jacks are suitable for the utes such as the Ford Rangers, Toyota Hilux's, Tritons and Isuzu's however we would recommend the 3-Ton as the majority of the modern utes have been fitted with after market trays, tyres, bullbars adding extra weight.

  • Yes, all our jacks come with the jack extension. The specs are listed in the product description

After Buying

  • The jacks occasionally lose their prime. This may occur as a result of prolonged periods of inactivity, excessive heat or cold, intense vibration, or vertical storage. This can be easily fixed.Turn the handle counterclockwise as you would if you were lowering the jack. Then pump the handle 10-12 times with full strokes.This will prime the system and push out any trapped air. Tighten the handle by turning it clockwise and it should work just fine.  

  • Our jacks come with a 2 year full replacement warranty

Dealers / Wholesalers / Ambassadors

  • If you're interested in becoming a retailer for Titan Terrain products, we invite you to contact us at sales@titanterrain.com.au . We are always open to exploring partnerships and would be delighted to discuss the details with you.

  • We're excited to offer a 5% discount to our ambassadors. 5% commission link to our ambassadors who want to promote our jacks and a 5% discount code for their customers. However, all affiliates have to undergo an approval process. We appreciate your interest and support in spreading the word about our products!